Learn Dutch Reading And Listening With Dutch Folktales

A Top 10 Of Reasons To Learn Dutch With Bermuda Word Products

Here we summed up a list of reasons why you will really learn Dutch by combining extensive reading and spaced repetition software:

  1. The only way to learn a language is by consuming lots of it, and the highest number of words are learned through reading
  2. You read Dutch from day one with fun texts from Dutch authors, no artificial texts about hotels or restaurants
  3. Extensive Reading is a proven method, the pop-up translation makes it possible to read advanced texts as a beginner and learn hundreds of new words
  4. The pop-up translation is immediate, no selecting of words, just hover or click, this makes this method already much faster than any others
  5. The pop-up translation is manually added and correct and adds any handy information on the word or the literal meaning if it differs from the meaning in context
  6. Store unknown words in your "My Words" list for later practice
  7. Use Space Repetition Software to memorize any new words
  8. Configure the difficulty and Spaced Repetition settings to suit your learning style
  9. Added audio to master understanding Dutch
  10. Any new words learned are stored in your brain as part of sentences which in turn are part of a story, instead of just single words part of word lists



Download Dutch Demo Version Now

See the catalog product Dutch Folktales Demo where we offer a link to download a demo version of Bermuda Word - Dutch Folktales, with which you can learn hundreds of new words.