Learn A Foreign Language Using The Best Methods Available

Learning A Language Through Extensive Reading

Extensive Reading is the best way to learn a foreign language. You won't encounter more words or sentences than in stories and the words and word combinations are easier to remember in context of a story. Normally graded readers are available at different levels. You have to start with very simple texts because you simply don't know enough words. With Bermuda Word you can read complex texts as a beginner because of the immediate pop-up translation that has been added by us manually, to every word. This will bring down the number of texts you will have to read and the speed with which you read those texts, so that you will be able to read literature in the foreign language of your choice within a short period of time.

 Bermuda Word Method The Best To Learn Foreign Languages

Word Repetition With Spaced Intervals

Remembering words is another thing. Graded readers or language courses demand a great investment of your time before new words are learned. The Bermuda Word e-books use the established and proven method of spaced repetition to make sure you will remember new words. The software will calculate the most ideal number of times that you will need to practice the new word dependent on the occurrence of the new word in the text. If it is a high frequency word, you won't need to test it much before you will remember it as you will encounter the new word enough times in the text. If it is a low frequency word you are offered the possibility to practice it the number of times that suits you best to remember the new word permanently. All as a side dish to the main course which is of course fun, easy and fast reading with Bermuda Word e-books :-)

Bermuda Word Has The Best Method To Learn French