Learn French By Reading French Fairy Tales

New French Vocabulary Fast And Easy

When you read you pick up a lot of new words. With manually created immediate pop-up English translation reading will be very fast, even with a lot of unknown words. And the spaced interval reminder software in the e-book allows you to remember 100% of the new words.

Reading French can be as easy as that. Even as a beginner you can still read on because not one word needs to be looked up. The software will make sure you remember every new word, by using timed practice sessions in between the reading to imprint them in your memory.


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Learning to read French fluently through conventional courses is either not possible or very hard, simply because those courses do not offer the vocabulary, or you will have to do a lot of hard but inefficient work before becoming fluent, if at all. Bermuda Word products can take you from beginner to fluent reading in a relatively short time. If you're not sure yet about learning to read French fluently for less money than the average night out, we have a free try-out version for you so you can experience the ease with which you can start reading French, from day one.