Learn Read Indonesian With Indonesian Folk Stories

Adrianus Van den End

For Beginners And Advanced Learners of Indonesian

Now Indonesian has been added to our selection of languages. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Indonesian, these stories will expand and strengthen your vocabulary massively as this product offers you the opportunity to learn new words with ease through the spaced repetition software. The stories detail the exploits of Kancil, a folktale hero mousedeer, and also offer some other stories from around the region.


Learn Indonesian With Spaced Repetition

Much more fun than any flashcard system is to read Indonesian, have the story decide which words you will encounter enough to remember, and which words you would need to practice some more, and how much. This way you will only have to learn new Indonesian words that are low frequency (do not occur very often in the text). Whether you are adherent of long or short spaced intervals (the time between practice repetitions), and whether you have excellent memory or one that needs a lot of repeating, the software can be configured to any type of student.