Learning A Foreign Language By Reading And Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition In Reading For High Frequency Words

Reading is a form of repeating words which will teach you the words and also the structure of a language. You meet new words and words that you already know in new sentences. However, for low frequency words it is more difficult. Enter Bermuda Word e-books with builtin spaced repetition software. It will let you do the reading, and it will remember for you which words you don't know (click).

Spaced Repetition Software For Low Frequency Words

You can set any spaced repetition interval in the software to practice new low frequency words that you meet in the text. The software will also calculate for you which words are high or low frequency and it will make sure you don't practice words unnecessarily. Only the words you clicked will be reminded, at the equally spaced or incremental interval that you selected.

Bermuda Word Extensive Reading And Spaced Repetition Fast And Easy

The E-Book Reminding You Which Words To Repeat Helping Memorization

In the background the software will keep timers for every word and when you check your "My Words" list you can see which words need testing again. The E-Book testing software will automatically pick the words that are at their next reminder to train for the most optimal memorization of low frequency words. You just do the reading.

Bermuda Word Spaced Repetition Reminders In Wordlist