How To Learn A Language With Fun

Adrianus Van den End

Learning A Language Can Be As Fun As Reading A Book

When learning a language with a regular course most of us need a lot of discipline to set ourselves to every chapter filled with a boring text and some grammar. Not many courses offer interesting texts and those few that finish a coursebook like that end up finding out they cannot even pick up a book in the foreign language just learned and read it. For this in certain languages we have graded readers to our disposal.

Graded Readers And Slow And Uncertain Vocabulary Acquisition

When going through graded readers (if available at all, for your chosen foreign language) the idea is that you only read texts with not more than three unknown words on average, to help comprehension of the text and to avoid the reading session becoming more of a dictionary look up session. Also, when encountering new words, research shows that only 5 to 15% of these is remembered. There should be a better way to learn reading your foreign language of choice. There is.

Bermuda Word E-Books With Manual Pop-up Translation And Spaced Repetition

The e-books that Bermuda Word offers have immediate pop-up translation. No google or haphazard volunteering translation but manual paid work (translators have to live as well). As such there can be a much higher number of unknown words on a page while still keeping the story comprehensible. Also a much higher number of new words is learned that way. And because the software underlying the e-books helps retain these new words in memory you can learn up to a 100% of new words in the e-book.

Learn To Read Bestsellers In The Foreign Language Of Your Choice

When you finish the Bermuda Word e-books and you have let the software guide your vocabulary training efficiently and completely then you are on your way to read a bestseller in the foreign language of your choice. Words in a book you pick up now will be up to 95% understandable as you have already learned up to 5000 words in the language AND you learned them in context of a story, so they have been acquired in an organic network that incorporates the grammatical rules of the language. It is useful to know the grammar but in this way even studying grammar afterwards becomes more of an Aha-Erlebnis than a chore.

Bermuda Word The Best Software Tool Program To Learn To Read A Foreign Language