Top Five Sites To Read In Your Foreign Language

The Best Way To Learn A Foreign Language

Is by reading. Therefore go forth and read. Since reading a foreign language without translation doesn't do much unless it's graded readers, I'm only giving sites here with pop-up translation. And that have more than just a few languages available. Compare the sites teaching you to read your language below:

 Site Number of Languages Number of Texts Quality of Translations Price 12 up to 35,000 words Good, manual translation 7 to 13 dollars**** 20* 0 to 100,000+* Poor, Google and Volunteering 24 dollars* 20** 0 to 100,000+** Poor, Google 8 to 60 dollars** 10 1000 to 20,000+, only news Poor, Google Free 8 up to 20.000 words Good, manual translation 12 to 20 dollars***

* many languages but most have no or few texts and it's poorly translated by Google, price is for a year and unlimited access

** many languages but most have no or few texts and they're poorly translated by Google, 8 dollars for one month, 60 dollars for a year, access to all languages

*** one book in one language, price depending on number of words

**** one book in one language, or two books with a discount


Added Notes On The Learning To Read Foreign Languages Online

It must be said that Readlang, BliuBliu and ALSO offer word practice lessons for those prices. And they are very good tools for reading foreign languages! Also, word practice software is integrated with the Bermuda Word e-books that are for sale at the Bermuda Word Shop. Both the translations and the practice software that Bermuda Word offers are superior to these upload-and-google-translate-your-own online sites. Interlinearbooks is comparable but does not offer any learning software.