Learn Italian Simply by Reading

New: Italian Short Stories

Now you can continue your vocabulary expansion with Italian Short Stories. Any new words encountered in the text will be learned when rereading the text until you are fluent, and can also be stored for practice, where the software will determine from the frequency of the unknown word in the text how many times you would need to test or study the new word to retain it in your memory. As opposed to the Fairytales product there's no audio added and as such the price of the product is lower.

Example screenshot:

These short stories were written by De Marchi at the end of the 19th century but feature modern subjects like marriage and adultery or nature and traveling. However, this is not a language manual to ask someone for marriage in Italian, or an Italian traveling language guide. Reading these stories enhances your vocabulary enormously, as because of the encompassing story, each new word will be assimilated as part of a natural scheme in your memory as opposed to simple word list cramming.

Reading the Italian Fairytales and subsequently these Italian Short Stories will get you on your way to unsupported, self sufficient, independent reading of Italian Bestsellers whatever they may be, for example Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose", or any of Valerio Massimo's historical novels.