Read Hungarian In Two Weeks

Adrianus Van den End

Easy And Fast

Use the Bermuda Word Method to get up to speed with Hungarian magically fast. If you have a basic vocabulary and a grasp of the grammar you can begin reading our Hungarian Fairytales product or our Hungarian Short Stories product. Both together offer you the possibility to learn up to 6000 Hungarian words, which will greatly enhance your ability to start reading Hungarian books and strengthen your vocabulary for listening, writing or even speaking skills.

The Bermuda Word Method

The Bermuda Word Method is Fun, Fast and Flexible. You'll be reading Fun stories where you pick up hundreds and hundreds of new words without the slightest effort, and you'll be able to get a huge vocabulary in Hungarian very Fast, because the software tailors the learning experience to your needs with Flexible progress checks that only repeats the words necessary to ultimately retain the whole vocabulary in your memory.