Learning to Read Italian

Adrianus Van den End

Read Italian novels within a month!

To summarize it, if you use Bermuda Word software, you will:

A. Read fast even as a beginner with only a basic vocabulary, as the immediate pop-up translation helps you carry on reading without stopping to figure out a word.

B. Learn new words even faster because of the pop-up translation and the added possibility of testing more difficult words

C. Learn your new vocabulary in context of a story which will help you memorize even better.

D. Make sure you retain all new vocabulary by making you test it a specific number of times needed for your memory to retain it.


Read Italian Fairytales or Short Stories

Read fin de siecle Italian short stories or original Italian fairytales, by the author of Pinocchio, Collodi. Master a huge vocabulary so once you finish with the fairytales and the short stories it will be much easier to pick up an actual book in Italian and start reading.

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