Learn Swedish Through Extensive Reading

If you are learning lists of words or single sentences in a language course, it may be difficult to remember them. When you read a book, you immerse yourself in a language, but it's fairly difficult to pick up unknown words from context only. The best combination, word learning through pop-up translated stories, is what we offer with Swedish Fairytales and Short Stories.

Swedish Beginner Texts

You're not reading the standard texts on restaurants or hotels but funny, interesting or exciting stories. Every word is immediately translated during reading, if you hover the cursor over it, so you stay immersed in the story and reading of the text is much faster than with an index or with a google-translated word. If you don't know a word, the software will remember this and make you practise the word a few times, or it will know that you will still encounter the word in further texts and you will skip unnecessary practising.

If you want to learn Swedish, and be able to read Stieg Larsson in Swedish, the perfect stepping stone from basic course to fluency in reading are the Bermuda Word e-books that we offer on sale here. You will learn thousands of new words in a relatively short time and with ease and having fun reading about elves and trolls, or short stories taking place in a more modern Swedish society.

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