Read Advanced Dutch with a Beginners Vocabulary

Learn to read Dutch with two Bermuda Word products

Start off with 150 pages of Dutch folktales, and continue getting reading fluency with short stories from classic Dutch authors. Because of the immediate in-context pop up translation you'll read advanced texts without difficulty, eventually learning up to thousands of new Dutch words. The words that you have a problem remembering are stored and can be doublechecked or practiced until they are part of your permanent memory.

Dutch is hard to learn for many people as for example the correct usage of articles "de" and "het" (both meaning "the") are hard to pinpoint. Chatting on skype can get your vocabulary only so far, as conversational vocabulary probably covers about 5% of all vocabulary used in books. Reading is the best immersion there is for language learning and lots of reading is only possible when you can read fast, which is what Bermuda Word offers. Fast reading without a dictionary, fast learning of new vocabulary until you can read on your own.

Dutch Folktales and Classic Shortstories

The folktales included in the Dutch Folktales product are hundreds of years old and are almost all local legends. Apart from learning Dutch words they offer an insight in Dutch folklore.

The shortstories are written in an age when christianity and enlightenment were at odds and the bourgeois was growing and often mock the pious or the smallminded citizens. Concepts like freedom of thought and religion are advocated already since the 19th century.

Reading original Dutch stories will immerse you many steps beyond any regular courses and offer you a possibility to learn thousands of new Dutch words with fun and ease.

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