Learn to Read Spanish

Adrianus Van den End

Learn to Read Spanish in 2 Weeks?

Yes, that's possible! Want to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende or Mario Vargas Llosa in their original language? Use our products to get up to speed in reading Spanish fast. We now have two Spanish e-books with software that will remember the words you don't know and will make you re-test those, and this way helps you to retain 100% of the words in the text.

Spanish is the language most spoken after English

And there are more native speakers of Spanish than English. Spanish is spoken across the globe. There's a wealth of Spanish literature out there. To read a book in its native language is like tasting the culture and you will experience the language at its best.

We at Bermuda Word offer e-book software containing Spanish texts that are entertaining and easy to read because of the pop-up translation availabe for every word or group of words. The software will store the words you don't know for later practice and for every word will calculate the specific number of tests needed for you to retain them in memory.

Before you know it you'll build up a big enough vocabulary to start reading those Spanish classics all by yourself :-)

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