German Interlinear Books

Janine De Vries

Links to Books with German to English Interlinear Word-for-Word Translation

Books give you the best exposure to a language. You'll get the chance to acquire the most extensive vocabulary possible. To have every word translated helps you learn those new words better.

For German we compiled a list of Interlinear books with word-for-word translation. Note that there are a lot of "interlinear" books out there which are just bilingual texts with the paragraphs on top of eachother. For learning purposes it is important to have the original word aligned with the English meaning. How else would you be able to learn any new words other than by guessing one from the English paragraph. Also, it should be a manual translation of course, not Google guessing the meaning. That is the whole advantage of word-for-word manual translations, no lookup time, you get the correct meaning of the word in context.

Dave McLeod from is on top with the largest volume of interlinear translations, only available in paperback at the moment:

Herman Hesse - Demian

Herman Hesse - Kinderseele

They have roughly the same format as the books at, which has this one in German, separate audio link is provided as well when bought:

Franz Kafka - Die Verwandlung

The following books from our publisher Bermuda Word are found here on and have a literal and idiomatic English interlinear translation, they also include audio:

HypLern - Learn German with Beginner Stories - Interlinear German to English Read classic stories from the Grimm brothers with a word for word translation.

HypLern - Learn German with Short Stories - Interlinear German to English Read literature from Kafka, Storm and others with a word for word translation.

All in all there's close to a 100k words of interlinear word for word translated text that would have you learn German and expand your German vocabulary without the need of looking up words.

Have Fun!