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Bermuda Word

$19.99 CAD
  • Perfect your French reading and vocabulary
  • For beginners and advanced students
  • Learn more than 3000 new words
  • Intelligent software supporting word memorization

Read a French Novel by Honoré de Balzac in French with an automatic pop-up translation in context. This work was initially offered in private to a female friend of the author and resided in private collections for more than 100 years before being published. The software that is integrated in every e-book will help you acquire a large vocabulary fast and easy. You can go through the book freely and learn words while reading or practice difficult words separately, or you can follow a chapter based progress system and test yourself on your proficiency each step of the way.

Learn Many French Words Quick And Without Problems.

Contents: 200+ pages of pop-up translated text and intelligent software that helps you memorize words without effort.

Specifications: Product supplied As Digital Download, functioning as standalone, no e-reader or program necessary

ISBN: under request

Requirements: Computer or Laptop with Windows

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

*For now only the French Fairytales and French Short Stories have audio.

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